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Up Sooner Safer

Kern Medical’s Up Sooner Safer is the only integrated progressive mobility and safe patient handling program in Kern County.

Progressive mobility improves the outcomes of hospitalized patients. Research has shown that patients who get out of bed and begin moving sooner, often experience the following outcomes:

  • Shorter Hospital Stays
  • More likely to go directly home after a hospital stay
  • Fewer Hospital-acquired conditions such as,
    • Falls
    • Pressure Injuries
    • Pneumonia
    • Confusion
    • Weakness

While progressive mobility is a great benefit to the patient, Up Sooner Safer allows the patient to be moved safely, reducing caregiver injuries.

Up Sooner Safer Program History

In 2016, Kern Medical received a grant from Kaiser Permanente that helped lead to the creation and development of the Up Sooner Safer program. New mechanical lifting devices were placed throughout the hospital (including some clinics) with extensive staff training on use of the equipment and the importance of safe patient activity. This ensures patients are lifted, transferred, or repositioned safely and with dignity. This patient-centered program allows staff to progress patient mobility more quickly, resulting in increased patient involvement while shortening their stay, helping to ensure a safe discharge from the hospital.

Up Sooner Safer Mobility Coaches

At Kern Medical, we have Up Sooner Safer Mobility Coaches. These are staff members who assume a leadership role in mobility by undergoing additional education & training in the Up Sooner Safer program. They are a resource for their department in using and selecting mobility equipment. They help to train other employees in the Up Sooner Safer program and seek opportunities to promote safe patient handling and patient mobility.

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Mobility Coaches 4 Mobility Coaches 5 Mobility Coaches 6

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Up Sooner Safer Mobility Spotlight

Kern Medical staff that exemplify the Up Sooner Safer ideal;

  • Ensuring patients mobilize daily
  • Progressing their activity to maximize functional outcomes
  • Ensuring staff perform the patient mobility safely, utilizing the mobility equipment

These staff members are identified and celebrated for their contribution to the Up Sooner Safer program.