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Since 1934, Kern Medical has been training residents and
health care professionals in our community.

Salary & Benefits

Detailed in Memorandum of Understanding Agreement #014-2018 between the Kern County Hospital Authority Board of Governors and CIR/SEIU Local 1957 pages 11-17 and dated July 1, 2021 – July 30, 2024.


Year Flat Bi-Weekly Salary Annual Salary Rounded Annual Salary Actual
PGY1 $2,196 $57,114 $57,114.20
PGY2 $2,350 $61,112 $61,111.96
PGY3 $2,515 $65,390 $65,390.00
PGY4 $2,691 $69,967 $69,967.30
PGY5 $2,879 $74,865 $74,864.92

Meal Stipend

$164.71 per bi-weekly pay period included in payroll check and a 20% cafe’ discount. On-duty meals provided while rotating on campus at Kern Medical during non-operating hours of the cafe’.

Education Travel Benefit

$1,500 cap during residency to participate in an educational conference.

Educational Fund

$1,100 annually for the purchase of educational software or books, registration fees for conferences, board exam preparations and other required trainings all subject to pre-approval.

Vacation Information

  • Twenty vacation days per year/Four one-week blocks which include weekend for PGY1-PGY4.
  • Twenty two vacation days per year for PGY5.

Sick Leave

Eight sick days per year.

Fellowship/Post-Residency Employment Interviews

During the final year of the Program, a resident may take up to five days of paid leave for interviews related to fellowship training or post-residency employment.


Residents shall be entitled to all paid holidays authorized as official holidays for Hospital Authority employees. If a resident is scheduled for and works on an official holiday, the resident shall be granted an alternate day off. This is commonly referred to as “banked hours”.

Official Hospital Authority Holidays include:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

*Additionally New Year’s Eve 12-31-18 and President’s Day 2-18-19 have been designated as Residents and Fellows holidays

Resident and Fellow Benefit Information

  • Health, Dental, Prescription and Vision: Coverage of 80% of premium cost by Hospital Authority with a 20% bi-weekly payroll deduction for employee portion.
  • Physician Impairment: Assistance is available for issues which may affect employee’s personal or occupational life.
  • Life Insurance: Voluntary and in varying amounts
  • Disability Insurance: Hospital Authority makes a $12 monthly contribution to the CIR/SEIU House Staff Benefits Fund (HSBF) for the purpose of providing short-term and long-term disability benefits.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan (457 Plan): Voluntary pre-tax contribution
  • Flexible Spending Account: Voluntary pre-tax payroll deduction to pay for dependent care and other non-reimbursed visit co-payments and medical expenses (i.e. prescription glasses).
  • ACLS, BLS, PALS, NRP and ATLS: No cost in-house certification and recertification
  • California Medical License: Reimbursement of application and renewal fees while in residency
  • DEA License: Fee exemption (license to be used within the scope of the Residency Program)
  • UCLA Housing Accommodation: Housing provided at leased apartments on UCLA Campus while Residents and Fellows are on a pre-approved rotation in surrounding areas
  • Moonlighting: Voluntary opportunities to moonlight at $100 per hour for California Licensed residents with Program Director approval

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