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Since 1934, Kern Medical has been training residents and
health care professionals in our community.


What is the interaction like between your residents and attending physicians?

Our residency program is acutely aware that being a physician, especially in a busy county ED, is a demanding job. One of our program’s great strengths is the supportive environment in which we work and learn. The faculty is committed to training our residents and helping them learn how to integrate life and work. For example, the program sponsors a variety of social events outside the hospital. We have backyard barbeques, movie nights, holiday parties, graduation parties, and an annual resident retreat. These events allow residents and faculty to get to know each other on a more personal level.

How many shifts per month are you expected to work?

Our residents thrive in an environment that is committed to their education and not their exhaustion. Our residents are scheduled for twenty 8-hour shifts. Typically, a resident will work 4-5 night shifts per block. Occasionally, overlap is provided in the schedule to allow residents coming to the end of their shift to finish working on current patients without having to pick up new ones.

Are residents expected to teach?

Yes, Conference is resident driven with attending supervision.

  • PGY1: Take turns presenting visual diagnosis lecture
  • PGY2: Take turns reviewing a chapter from Rosen’s.
  • PGY3: Take turns leading journal club and procedure lectures
  • PGY4: residents prepare and present lectures on topics of their choice for emergency and trauma conferences. Senior residents also supervise and teach medical students and residents from other services when they rotate through our ED.

What is your accreditation status?

Our most recent Residency Review Committee review was this year, 2015. We were awarded full accreditation for five years, with NO violations or issues cited.

What are your shifts?

The shifts are scheduled as follows: Morning (7 am-3 pm), “Nooner” (noon-8 pm), Evening (3-11pm), Night (11 pm-7 am).

Do you have protected time for conference time?

Conference time, every Thursday morning, is protected time. Residents are required to leave the department or their off-service rotation to attend conference.